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Julia here.

One week to go before we release the Winter 09 issue, and I know some of you are checking in to see if maybe there might be a glimpse of what's to come.  Facebook Fans have had a little taste, as have newsletter subscribers (Don't get the newsletter?  Sign up in the box on the left, we promise to never sell or share your information anyone), but of course, nothing is more fun than the full reveal which will be a week from today, November 15.

In the meantime, I have a little request, and to entice you to read through this post, I'm willing to give you more little tastes, like this:

swatch 1

Part of how Twist Collective survives is through advertising, and we are grateful to our supporters who line up every issue to be a part of our site.  Advertising is a gambling business, and advertisers make bets on placing their business, and they bet on us and what we are.  The internet has transformed expectations for some advertisers through the click. Here's what I mean by that: Advertising can be ambient, like a billboard or a television commercial, just sort of there in the background hoping to worm its way into your consciousness. Or it can be direct, like a coupon or a 1-800 number, asking you for an interaction.  Internet advertising is both.  While my own experience in advertising taught me that clicks aren't the only way to gauge a successful ad, some of our advertisers like to have feedback from their placements in our magazine. So here's the favor I would like to ask.

swatch 2

If you enjoy the magazine, please consider picking an advertiser or two out of our pages, and giving them a visit.  Click on their ad, wander around their site and admire the place a little.  If you ever buy something from one of our advertisers, tell them you appreciate their support of Twist.  Or if you're buying yarn for a Twist project from anyone at all, tell the shop what you're buying it for. Use that little comment box that shows up on the payment page.

Thanks for reading. 

swatch 3