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by Mari Muinonen, originally posted to her blog, Made By Myself.


The Orvokki set is inspired by Finnish national costumes.  I have wanted to use them somehow in a design for a long time now. Finnish costumes are simple and clear, but still beautiful with great details.




The flower is modified from the old Finnish cross stitch model which I found in a very old embroidery book.



The mittens have buttons on the wrist, and the button hole is worked out of the i-cord edging. I love that little purely decorative, not functional detail. The yarn, Halcyon Victorian 2-Ply was a little rough to work with at first, but softened with washing and use.




The hat was interesting to knit. I worked it again and again until the form of it became clear. I want to shape it using the same idea I used in my version of Tychus.



The buttons are worn in the back of the head, the whole thing knitted one side to the other with the flower band in front.



There was something personal to this project for me, you should know, in honor of my other granny (not Sylvi). "Orvokki" is the Finnish word for violets, and my other granny's second name. Violets also happened to be her favorite flower.