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Julia here.

Consider for a moment, the notion of the Holiday sweater. Those of us who survived the sartorial dominance of irony and/or cute in the early 80's (sometimes it was difficult to tell the difference) will immediately call to mind red sweaters with Christmas trees, lapel-bracketing leaping deer, or this lovely number courtesy of Mr. Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary:


However, this doesn't have to be the case.  Given the imminent arrival of the holidays, no doubt many of us are beginning to think about how we are going to jazz up the LBD this year (that's fashion blogeeze for little black dress, although in my case, it ain't so little), or get more mileage out of last year's party skirt.  May I suggest that your holiday knitting energies may be best directed at your own wardrobe?  And who do you know to better appreciate the wool? Forget making uncertain gifts for everyone you know: instead, take a look at what you have, think about what can be knit to make it great, select the perfect yarn, and set off!  With diligence, you can have the dress topper of your dreams in a few weeks, and certainly in time for for New Years. Oh golly, I am sounding like some mad knitting version of Martha Stewart, but knitters, I know you have it in you to imagine party togs and make then a reality, especially with Twist here to help.

It doesn't take too much to imagine Carol Sunday's Kelmscott, Barbara Gregory's Ormolu, or any of the "Anastasia" sweaters from the current issue in a party setting.  A shawl like Rosemary Hill's Manderlay, or one with beads like Sivia Harding's Dryad will make even the most basic outfit special.  And Ysolda Teague's Farinelli opera gloves can make you want to find a special dress just to be able to wear them.


But other Twist patterns also occur to me as great projects for personal holiday decoration. Cathy Carron's Bright Star is a quick knit and in almost any yarn would transform a summer dress into the right dress for that upcoming cocktail party. I feel the same way about Connie Chang Chinchio's Peyton from the fall issue.


Imagine this in black, a jewel toned yarn, or one with a little sparkle. How about a white version of Marnie MacLean's Lily from last fall's premier issue over a full-on party skirt and jeweled pumps?  Or her Bijou with great black pants and great jewelry? It's really all about the basics to which you add your own personal touch.

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to top by farwellclay featuring GAP

As for me, I'm knitting Marnie's Pas de Valse from the Fall issue in a sparkly sock yarn to throw over my LBD for a party on the 11th of December, and then revisited with a great shawl pin over trousers for our Boxing Day party rounds. I'm three days in and approaching the armseye, so it's right on schedule.

I hope I've inspired you to spoil yourself a little this season.  Now go knit something.