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Right now, twist readers are looking at our Spring/Summer issue and hopefully planning to knit a project or two from the issue. Meanwhile, we're assembling the lineup for fall, thinking about the photo stories that will compliment the sweaters (and socks, natch') and assigning yarn. While we do that, Kate makes a collage of all our projects so we can see them side by side according to how we think they might work together in our editorial "stories." Here is one of the several drafts of our story board for the Spring/Summer issue we just published using shorthand from the design proposals as they might have been photographed together.


You can see the lace story on the left, socks to the right (missing a few there, aren't we?), and the Greenhouse and Rock Formation stories sort of mingling together in the middle.  A lot got changed around there I remember now, looking at it.

Some stories don't necessarily work out the way we plan; in fact I don't recall an issue where something didn't get changed at the last minute. Sometimes we find a model who fits another sweater better, or isn't flattered by a shape or color, so things get moved around, and sometimes they even migrate to a whole other story, which sometimes can be a real nail biter. This last issue, we shot our far-flung stories in Massachusetts, upstate New York, Montreal, and the wilds of New Mexico. I was shipping sweaters out to Jamie in New Mexico the moment I knew they wouldn't work in my shoot, just in time for her to photograph it during hers. The schedule was tight, but everything worked out, and the US postal service was my super hero that week. It's times like those that I wish moving stuff around was as easy as it it to share ideas over the internet: I could really use the Starship Enterprise's transporter during shoot month. "Beam the sweater up, Scotty." But in the end, the spit and polish does wonders, and I am always delighted with the magic of Irene's work in layout. 

Now go knit something.