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My first Twist project was Wisteria: I know I’m not the only one who, when clicking through the inaugural issue, saw it and knew that I had to knit it right away. Once it was done, though, I had to find a role for it in my wardrobe. I live in a studio apartment with really limited storage space, so many of my clothing choices are made for their versatility. Complicating this is the need to dress myself for the office while allowing enough room for the jeans and t-shirt uniform that is now, alas, weekend-only wear. Enter Twist, with sweaters that can dress up or down.


Storage aside, my first few Twist sweaters were made simply out of love for the pattern: Wisteria, Vaila, and Vivian. Wisteria and Vaila have both made appearances at work, often paired with knee-high boots and a knee-length grey skirt, or with my favorite wide-legged black pants and flats. Those are both more casual outfits, good for days when I don’t have any meetings on my calendar, and I can hunker down at my desk.


More recent additions have been Audrey in Unst, the Vine Yoke Cardigan, and the Maire Riding Jacket, which I chose because I knew they would wear well at work. Audrey and Maire have already proven to be indispensable. I chose a soft greyish blue for Audrey, wanting something that would coordinate with most of my work trousers. It usually tops a plain white tee, but it’s also appeared over a crisp white blouse. I wear it frequently, since both the style and the softness of the fabric appeal so much to me, and I’m planning another Audrey in a purple tweed.

The Vine Yoke cardigan is often paired with those same white tees, and also with some floral-print blouses. It’s blue, for the same reason as Audrey, but the more feminine lace elements make it something I pull out when I want to feel dressy but not overly-tailored.

When I want to make more of a statement with a handknit, I pull out Maire, which gets noticed even in spite the ultra-neutral grey that I chose. It’s been best featured to over a plain white long-sleeved tee, navy pinstripe trousers, and bright red flats. I’ve found that it looks best closed, and after all the work I put into the cables, I want to show them off.


Vivian has shown up at work for casual Fridays, along with jeans and Danskos. I enjoy dressing up, but it’s also nice to not have to iron anything before I put it on for the day, and Vivian helps keep things classy but comfortable.

An unforeseen consequence of wearing my Twist pieces to work is that it’s sparked an interest in knitting in a few of my co-workers. To date, I’ve taught six of them how to knit to, and I foresee another crop in the future when my new Twist pieces appear at work. One thing that I stress about knitting to my students is the ease of adapting a pattern to fit one’s body type. As a slender person with longer-than-average arms and a long torso, I have, for the first time in my life, some clothes that really fit!

I’ve got at least three other Twist pieces in progress, and even more in the queue. You may watch the slow progress of those items on Ravelry, where you can find me as bekala.