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There’s a fall photoshoot happening on the 19th and I have a sweater that needs to be there… Errr, rather, I have a pile of hanks of yarn and an idea. I’ve been tweeting about this and last night asked if anyone was nuts enough to knit a sweater in 2 weeks with me. There appear to be some takers. So here’s the idea:

  • It can be a sweater for you, your kid, your baby, your cat. Doesn’t matter.

  • We’re knitting for the fame and the glory and the love of knitting and having an FO.

  • Start a sweater… or even finish a sweater that’s lingered much too long.

  • I have to ship on the 16th to be safe, but you all can have until the 22nd.

  • Post your progress here (we love photos!) Or tweet with the hashtag #2wksweater