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Having 3 nationalities in our household usually means we don't really celebrate any national holiday, but I figured today's a great excuse to put up pretty pictures in red, white and blue! So happy 4th of July if you're in the US, or happy Sunday if not. I had fun doing this, so maybe I'll make it a tradition, holiday or not...

July Collage

Yes, I veered into the pink and orange a tad, but it looks red overall, no?

In case one of these doesn't look familiar to you, here are the projects:
Row 1: Sylvi, Novak, Dietrich, Vaganova, Audrey in Unst, Mitaines & Moufles
Row 2: Farinelli, Broderie, Blossom, Bright Star, Luminen, Gytha
Row 3: Damask, Little Liza Jane, Rebecca, Ashbury, Tiveden, Skara Brae
Row 4: Amaranth, Bijou, Pisara, Roo, Sally Rand, Vaila
Row 5: Rococo, Snowflurries, Willow-withe, Sabbatical, Jadis, Peyton
Row 6: Paula, Lesley, Cecchetti, Kerouac, Poplar & Elm, Timpani