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Hi all! It's Kate. Just taking a little break from the winter issue preparations to say hello and share some photos from Rhinebeck. Irene and I were there scoping out all of the beautiful knits and yarns and fibers. We met lots of people we already knew and loved as well as new friends! Here are  some of the twist FOs we spotted. I hope everyone will forgive me for not remembering all of your names. I also hope you'll forgive the super long post. I think all of these FOs are worth seeing!

As we were getting our tickets, we saw Woolyminded and her beautiful Acorns!

Rhinebeck Acorn

And I was sporting one of our brand new (very large, heavyweight) Twist Totes.

Rhinebeck Gwendolyn

Soon after, I finally got to meet Angela. She's in Vancouver. I'm in Montreal. So we finally met in New York after two years of talking. Makes sense, right? I'm wearing Tolovana (and Kirigami and Twin Oaks, actually - they're just hidden under my coat and shoes). Did You notice she's wearing Gwendolyn in the cardi version? We also spotted these two Gwendolyns.

Rhinebeck Gwendolyn

That's Potteryfreak and Sarah (of Ravelry).

Rhinebeck Argyle and Vivian

We saw this gorgeous Argyle (love that colorway!) and an awesome orange Vivian

Rhinebeck Stratocumulus and Red Oak

Here's VTHuskies in her Stratocumulus and a (teal) Red Oak. VTHuskies (Abby) told us that she loooooooooved knitting Stratocumulus and that she thought it would be a fantastic first sweater for a newer knitter.

Rhinebeck Hallett’s Ledge

We saw several Hallett's Ledges. The one on the left was finished in the car on the way to Rhinebeck. And on the right, that's Mandy Powers. We also saw a really beautiful pink Hallett's Ledge but didn't manage to get a picture of it.

Rhinebeck Sylvi

The smart lady on the left (someone help me with names!) had extra yarn from her Sylvi so she made a Sylvi-inspired bag to match. On the right is a brave soul who did a colorwork and cables Sylvi.

Rhinebeck Gytha and Cityscape

This is Michelle. She's wearing Hope's Gytha that she modified to make a cardigan! Michelle showed us her Eiffel Tower swatch. She's going to insert it into Cityscape and make the skyline how she wants it! I think that's awesome. In my imaginary knitting life, I would knit Cityscape to include the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and something from Montreal.

Rhinebeck Cityscape and Orange Pop

Speaking of Cityscape, Irene sported the sample along with the Crown of Leaves hat. That's Becky Herrick that she's standing with (designer of Cambridge Cables). I'm sure you recognize Mary-Heather (designer of Promenade) and Orange Pop. And on the bottom right, that's the very cute Cheryl Burke (designer of Cottage Garden and Stratocumulus).

Rhinebeck Arboreal Beret

I can't wait until next year when we can see all of your other super ideas and visit with the animals again. Above is me (again) in Arboreal Beret having a quiet moment with the sheep.

If you see yourself or a friend and have a name and link for me, I'd be happy to put them in! I think the wool fumes killed my memory. You can email me at kate at twistcollective dot com.