Hi! It's Kate here. I've got a sweater that I've been working on for months. MONTHS! And I've decided that it must be done by February 1st, so I thought I would see if anyone else would like to join me in a FINISH FEST!

Do you have that one project with just a sleeve left? How about that finished cardigan that just needs a zipper? Almost everyone has that nearly finished object taunting them from the darkest corner of their knitting basket. Why not join our intrepid team in beating the winter blahs and starting fresh?

Marnie is going to finish a cardigan she's been working on. Irene told me she has some Sweetgrass socks that have been lingering. I'm sure everyone has something.

So let's do it together! And as if finally having something done isn't enough of a prize, anyone who finishes a project will be entered into a drawing for a twist pattern. Your needles will need something new! And who knows, maybe I can scrounge up another couple prizes! Post your progress and success to the Twist Collective FINISH FEST forum on Ravelry in order to enter. Posts must be up by the end of January 31st in order to be eligible.