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stack of knitting

Oh, hey, it must be Friday, because here we are. ::checking calendar:: Yep, August 1st, right on time.

It’s been a long 62 days watching those circles tick down for you, has it? Thanks for all the emails and encouragement along the way.  It was amusing, we must say, to watch some people squirm on the Ravelry group, playing "I Spy" with the sneak peeks, and getting all frothy around the mouth for the work we’ve been putting in.  It makes a girl feel either a like a deer being chased by wolves, or like Santa Claus.  Not sure which.  Well, for the four of us, the time whizzed by.  But now time’s up; we must step away from the keyboard and let you through to the site.

Hopefully you have already taken a stroll through the first issue, clicked on a few of the articles to see what they look like, and perhaps even bought the pattern for your next project.  That would be really cool.

Now for the blog: you knew there had to be a blog.  What would any media on the web be without a way to communicate between issues, to update you on things we stumble across, and to invite readers to show off their stuff?  It’s all part of the experiment that is Twist Collective: doing things differently, paying designers differently, presenting the projects differently.  And you, dear reader, are an important part of this.  So please, stay in touch, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and consider keeping up with our news by subscribing to our feed.

One more thing: the magazine is in beta, so please be kind. Any problems you come across can be sent to . There will be changes as time goes on, but for now, welcome. We’re excited to be here.