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by Daniel Beaudet 


I was thinking a lot about your dress.

daniels sketchbook

I remember you said you wanted something sexy, pulled together, colorful... In short something for the active sexy mom you are, dear!!! And off course it had to be a ''bra friendly'' dress! Sticky cup are not supportive enough (thanks for the tip since I have a tendency to forget that detail).



I thought of Marimekko (that you like a lot, no?) And Mary Quant too, but at the same time I was looking at my new Japanese pattern books. I saw one dress made of knotted strip of fabric. I thought why not make a dress out of ribbons?


final sketch

And then the ribbons became seaming which became cables. In short, I was inspired by what you are doing which is KNIT!!! 



The flannel is not what I was imagining for you at first but it's a really nice one!


swatches and dyes

I think a red lining has the graphic element needed, no? I mixed up the dyes to make a special “Kate Red” that I thought you would really like.


Daniel's dress for Kate

What more can I say? Oh yeah, you have to wear HIGH HEELS! No choice. And don’t whine about it.


À bientôt,