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Today we welcome Fiona Munro to the blog to share her thoughts on creating Passerine


Passerine is my first pattern design with Twist and it has been really exciting to have it published in the September 2018 issue.




My favourite aspect of the Passerine design is that it is so easy to wear. Because it is knit in the round as a tube that is then grafted together there is no ‘wrong side’ (only the ‘right side’ of the stockinette is visible). It also makes knitting it really easy because all of the fair isle detail and stockinette is in the round. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than grafting that last round to the provisional cast on edge.


Blogpost1 blogpost2 blogpost3


I am often inspired by nature in my pattern designs. I frequently include birds because my mother is an avian biologist and I was brought up with a particular appreciation for birds and other wildlife. Growing up in Canada my family always took part in the Audubon Christmas bird count which has continued even now as adults! The fair isle detail of this cowl is in the style of William Morris prints which I have always loved.




There are so many different colour combinations for this design. The key is to make sure you have a strong contrast between the background colour and the fair isle contrast colour. This ensures that all that hard work of knitting the fair isle is visible! I knit a second Passerine with dark blue and white as a gift for a friend. I also used a yarn that is 100% alpaca which made it particularly soft!




I have been knitting since my grandmother taught me as a young child. If I am sitting, I am probably knitting! However, I only got into designing my own patterns a few years ago. I love how pattern designing is challenging in that it involves a range of skills and creativity. There is inspiration everywhere and I can’t wait to see what I might design next!


You can find Fiona on Instagram and Ravelry

Today we welcome Fiona Ellis to the blog to share her experience with 10 years of Twist!


Anniversaries are often a time for reflection, for looking back and remembering where you were when aren’t they?

I have a particular interest in celebrating this special Twist milestone anniversary. As I am terrifically proud to have been working with Twist for all 10 of those years. I was with them right from the very start and have published a total of 34 patterns with them and feel honoured to have been featured in almost every single issue.

When Kate dreamed up the idea for Twist in was in the early days of PDF pattern downloads and nobody was doing royalty sharing with designers at the time. It was a ground-breaking idea and I remember wondering how it was going to work. In spite of this I totally believed in Kate and so I jumped at the chance to work with her team on this exciting new project.

As the launch date rolled around, during the summer of 2008, I was traveling in Italy…I know it’s a tough life eh? So on the day that the very first issue went live I had to find an Internet café to be able to see it on-line. It’s difficult to imagine now, not having a phone in my pocket, allowing me to access all the things that we now almost take for granted - boy how things have changed! I was so excited to see the first issue, and then….super excited to see that my design “Bonnie” graced the cover of that premier issue! I was just thrilled to bits!

 []  FE 001 bonnie 250px

Bonnie is one of my most popular patterns and it is a design that I’m still really proud of. I love the Celtic knot cable, the asymmetric pattern placement and the non-identical sleeves. It showcases design elements that I like to return to on an on-going basis, trying to discover new ways to interpret them. You can read more about my love of Celtic knot cables here: []

Twist has always been about seeking out designs and patterns that have a unique stamp of the designer on them. They have provided designers with a forum that enables us to showcase our ideas and have those ideas portrayed in the most beautiful fashion. They have encouraged many newer designers, which in turn give the knitter access to a wider variety of ideas.

Looking back over all the designs that I have done for Twist I can observe my evolution as a designer and I am also aware of which ideas and themes I am drawn to.


Twist looking back


You can read my answers to the 5 questions posed during the 5th anniversary period here: []

It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful experience to work with the whole team at Twist. It’s been hugely successful for me as a designer on both an artistic and financial level - both elements that Kate was trying to address as she set out to breathe life into this endeavour.  Many Congratulations on your 10th anniversary Twist…I look forward to continuing to work with you as you build on your amazing success!


You can find Fiona on her website, Instagram, and Twitter

Today we welcome back Marnie MacLean to share her experience with 10 years of Twist!

IMG 1911 1

Glint, a sparkly new capelet, perfect for an anniversary party


It’s been 10 years but I still remember when I first learned about Twist Collective. Kate and I had been following each other’s knitting blogs for some time and were already internet friends. She emailed me to say that she wanted to talk to me about something confidential and asked if she could call me.

When she told me she was starting a new online magazine with an entirely different business model, featuring many designers whose work I admired, I was chuffed to be invited to contribute. At the time, I was just starting to move from amateur design to professional and I hoped I’d be up for the task.

Ten years and about 40 designs later, I’ve had had the great privilege of being a part of almost every aspect of Twist Collective’s production cycle at one point or another.


maclean designs 1
10 years of designs for Twist Collective

I’ve learned so much being a part of this amazing magazine, and I’ve worked with some of the most brilliant and creative people in the industry to boot.

I couldn't be happier to help celebrate 10 years with all the knitters, designers, editors, writers, artists, support staff, photographers, models, advertisers and so many other who have made this magazine possible.


You can find Marnie on InstagramFacebook, and her website



Today we welcome Briggs and Little to the blog to share some thoughts on Twist Collective's 10th Anniversary! 

Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltds experience with Twist Collective could not be any more positive if we had scripted it ourselves.  The SYLVI, designed by Mari Muinonen and created with Briggs & Little Atlantic Red was featured in the 2008 Winter edition, which was only the second issue of the magazine. 

sylvi a 500



This gave Briggs & Little international exposure like we had never had before.  Located on Route 635 in Harvey, New Brunswick, Canada, Briggs & Little almost missed that opportunity due to the long delivery time to Finland by Canada Post.  In a desperate move to get the yarn to Mari in Finland we had to ship from the USA and as they say “The Rest Is History”.  We understand that even today after 10 years the Sylvi is still the number one selling design from their site.


sylvi z 500


We immediately formed a strong relationship with Kate and her mum Cynthia and to this day truly appreciate the opportunities they have afforded us in presenting our yarns to the world stage.  There have been many amazing designs using Briggs & Little yarns since the Sylvi and for this we owe a huge debt of gratitude to these two ladies and their world class group of designers that make Twist Collective the “Class Act” that it is today.

Thank you for sharing “us” to the world.  Briggs and Little Woolen Mills Ltd are for sure the most dedicated and appreciative fans of “Twist Collective”.


Today we welcome Merri Fromm to the blog to share her thoughts on creating the Primp cardigan!


 My idea was to create that design unicorn that all knitwear designers talk about: the sweater you wear every day, all day. Over your jammies to feed the cats in the morning, with your jeans to go to the market, with a cute dress to meet friends for dinner.

My perfect every day all day sweater would be a cardigan, in a cheerful color (to combat those grey winter days), lace (because I want warmth, but no too much), and with a little retro vibe (but not so retro as to be in those killer tight shapes with little ease—because hips).



I also want it worked in pieces to give the garment structure and I like the simplicity of knitting one piece at a time.




My first knitting of Primp was for me. Like many women, I am not  size 8 and model thin–more typically a size Large. I have a 42 inch bust, but relatively small shoulders. I made size 45 up to the armholes and then switched to size 41. I knew the V-neck will accommodate my bust. I also added an extra 7 rows (about an inch) to the body because I know that’s where my hip is–I’m an inch longer in my torso than the standardized measurements.




I also wanted a more affordable yarn choice: my version is Cascade 220 Heathers, in Lake Chelan Heather (9451), the yarn and gauge matched beautifully.


Please check out the entire Twist Collective July issue. Its a beautiful issue with lots of great designs!


You can check out the original blog post here