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by Mari Muinonen

Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog and in Ravelry. I was even more excited with Sylvi than I was about GreenGable. This one is little more different, a little more something I have thought about for a long time, and something I wanted to do someday. And now it is here. The story began from this drawing and one cardigan, which I had knit. The Twist team asked me about a men's sweater, but this popped out from my head instead: not very manly.




Kate asked me to tell her more about it and to send details, photos, and a swatch. Meh. At this point, I was already bored with the design element of back cables. Mostly I wanted to throw it away.



I made the cardigan, at least, finished it almost, but knew that it wouldn't work with that yarn: it's a cotton blend. It was really heavy and stretched like chewing gum. But at least I could see what to do to the back of the cardigan. And after Kate's suggestion of the yarn, color and that I try it as a coat, I really saw in my mind what to do. I drew the sketch and began plans.


final sketch in red

The Yarn was supposed to come over the summer, but because the packet did not come as expected, I decided I to test the floral designs on another hoodie. I ripped out the finished cotton cardigan and knitted this summer hoodie.  But the final form for the back remained a mystery.


short version

Eventually I got the yarn for Sylvi and began to work. DL was tight so I had made some preparations, well, more than ever, I did not have a time to reknit the garment many times. I even made the paper pattern (I'd never before done that) drew the cables for it and add the flowers too. I began from the sleeves as always, and there the coat became to form.


paper chart

I sent the coat off in the mail the same week as Twist's first issue popped out. And just because life needs excitement, the packet traveled for two weeks without any sign of it. It was toooo exciting to wait when and where the coat would show up. At least it came out of Canada's customs, finally. At least it hadn't sunk to the bottom of the sea.


sylvi joy 

The last adjustmets of the pattern were completed last week.  By then it had been edited and read by Twist's experienced pattern makers and editors, and every time they asked me what to do.  I loved this kind of co-operation. One reason is my english is not perfect, and another is that I'm not a professional designer, so writing the pattern and committing the design to paper is quite difficult. I can knit, but making the pattern easy to follow, with sizes, instructions, notes... everything is new for me.   I'm just a newbie and Twist Collective Team has helped so much and make this all happen. THANK YOU!

Mari and Tea, big thanks to you also for the support and help. Without you I would have rip my hair out (and i'm not beautiful with a bald head) or just thrown the things out of the window.

SYLVI is the name of my Grandma. She loves flowers and has a green thumb.   Her garden is a big fairy land and feeds my imagination every visit.  She has had a big influence on my career choice of handicrafts and in other parts of my life too. 

So, this sweater is dedicated to my Grandma.