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by Carol Sunday, originally posted to her blog, Sunday Knits.

For button covers, start with a slip knot again; this counts as the first chain. Keep it loose — it'll need to be. Chain 3 more.
Connect the circle by slip stitching into that first chain.

chain4  close_ch4

Expand the circle by slip-stitching 3 more times into the same chain. Slip stitch 2 into each of the next 3 chains, slip stitch 2 into the next stitch. Continue increasing according to pattern instructions until there are 16 sts.
The crocheted disc should be nice and flat.


After slip stitching a full round and doing a few decreases ((skip 1 slip stitch 1) five times), insert button into cap. I used a flat button with holes big enough for my tapestry needle.


Once the button is inside, it's easier to hook the stitch from its top than its bottom.


Keep decreasing until there are 5 stitches left in the round. Cut yarn, pull through, and sew the button on, sewing it far enough from the edge to avoid gaping. Allow for a 3/4" to 1" overlap.


As you've come this far, the only thing left is to wear and enjoy!