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By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Hot Hot HOT Controversy

Dear Problem Ladies,

I’d like to know your favorite method for weaving in—as you go, at the end, or whenever. I’m always nervous when I give one of my handknits to a friend or family member, knowing there are little ends in there, itching to pop back out. 
Loose Ended
Dear Loose One,

Good lord, are you trying to start a war here? Ends are a deeply personal thing. Like religion, politics, or recipes for deviled eggs, this is dicey stuff. The minute we tell you about the method that we feel is the One True Way to hide an end of yarn, or whether a person should hide the ends during or after the knitting of a project, an avalanche of contrary opinion will follow. We could suggest, for example, that a truly careful knitter leaves four-inch ends, uses a bent-end Clover tapestry needle, and weaves each end in for six stitches along the wrong side, inside the purl bumps. And she does the ends only after a project is finished, when there are many excellent seams available for hiding an end. This sort of suggestion (which is, by the way, the correct and only method) would immediately bring howls of protest, banging of pie pans, hard-hearted Ravelry threads, and emails with photos of ends woven in vertically or spit-felted or for cripe’s sake tied in little knots.

So. We’re not going to declare much of anything about this issue. We do, however, make a point of providing our gift recipients a lifetime end-fixing guarantee. Anything pops out, we’ll pop it back in, no charge.

By the way: under no circumstances should a person put sweet relish in a deviled egg. EVER. [Ducks and runs.]
problem ladies

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