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11.02.12 Original version

Page 1 - Under Yarn, the terms "MC" and "CC" have been removed.

Page 1 - A fifth note has been added: "For a fraternal pair of socks as shown, use Woodside Gold as MC and Undyed as CC for the right sock. For the left sock, use Undyed as MC and Woodside Gold as CC."

Page 2 - In the chart symbol color key, "MC" has been replaced with "Undyed" and "CC" with "Woodside Gold".

Page 3 - In the heel section of the Right Leg Chart, all purl symbols, increase symbols and decrease symbols from Rows 38-70 have been moved 1 stitch to the left. All purl stitches are now MC/Undyed, and all increases and decreases are now CC/Woodside Gold. Also, the last stitch of Row 70 (before the no-stitch symbols) has been changed from MC/Undyed to CC/Woodside Gold.

Page 6 - In the Left Leg Chart, stitch 33 has been changed to CC/Woodside Gold in Rows 1-10, 18-27 and 29-31.

Page 6 - In the heel section of the Left Leg Chart, all M1 increases and the 4 stitches immediately below each M1 have been changed to MC/Undyed.