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07.28.14 Original version

Page 1 - In the right column at the bottom, the section "Shape shawl with short rows" has been revised and a Note has been added:

NOTE: The lace pattern in the body of the shawl is incorporated into the short rows. Odd-numbered (RS) short rows begin with a yarn over. When you encounter that yarn over at the end of the following (WS) short row, it will be connected to the wrap around the next st. Purl the yarn over, remove the marker, then purl the wrap together with the wrapped st and proceed.

Row 4 (WS): Does not change.
Row 5: Yo, k2, k2tog, pm, w&t.
Row 6: Purl to marker, remove marker,  purl wrap together with st, p6, pm, w&t.
Row 7: Yo, k5, k2tog, * yo, k5, k2tog; rep from * to marker, remove marker, yo, knit wrap together with st, k4, k2tog, pm, w&t.