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08.01.08 Original version

Page 4 - In sleeve instructions:

Work first lace section, L1R, work to next lace section, L1L, work next two lace sections, slipping marker, L1R, work to last lace section, L1L.

Work remaining decrease increase rounds as follows:


Page 5: In the left column under “Decreasing to neck”, the 4th, 5th, and 6th lines in the second paragraph have been changed from:

“When you reach a point in the sleeves where you can no longer work each lace section in full, work only the outermost ssk and one YO until there are not enough stitches left to do so. Once the two lace sections of each sleeve have met, work your sleeve cap shaping as follows: Work to 4 sts before center point, k2tog, p2, ssk, work to end of sleeve section.”


"When you reach the point in the sleeves where there are 2 knit sts in the center, work the next 2 decrease rounds as * ssp, work across first lace panel, front/back, and next lace panel to 2 sts before sleeve center, p2tog; * repeat from * to *. There will now be 2 purl sts in the center of the sleeve. On odd chart rows, continue the decreases by working k2tog, p2, ssk over the center sts. On even chart rows, work the decreases by eliminating one yo from each chart on the sleeve."