11.09.09 Original version

Page 3 - Column 2 (directions), line 4 should be: "Next row (WS): Sl 1, k5, purl, picking up wraps...."

Page 3 - Column 2 (directions), next to last line should be: "Next row (WS): Sl 1, k5, p to 2 sts more than the row before, picking up wrap when you come to it, w&t."

Page 5 - Line3 should be: "Next row (RS): Knit." The rest of the sentence has been deleted.

02.18.10 Page 5 - Under Pattern Band, after paragraph 3, the following line should read: "Next row (WS): With MC, purl." This is then followed by the 2 existing "Next row" lines.