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03.29.10 Original version

Page 2 - Four rows on Chart A should have 1 additional stitch on each side.

Row 5 (RS): K1, yo, kfb 2 times, yo, k1.
Row 6 (WS): K8.
Row 7 (RS): K8.
Row 8 (WS): P8.

Pages 2–4 - On both charts, the "p on RS, k on WS" rows (the symbol is the black circle) have been moved up so they are directly below the pattern rows instead of above them. Please note that row 28 on Chart A and row 92 on Chart B will now be "p on RS, k on WS" rows.

If you have already started the shawl using the charts from v.03.29.10, your shawl will look slightly different from the photo but will be equally lovely.