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07.27.10 Original version
08.07.10 Page 6 - On the Acorns chart, the red-bordered pattern repeat beginning at row 11 and ending at row 22 is now a 10-stitch pattern repeat. It begins at stitch 4 (not stitch 3, as in the previous version) and ends at stitch 14.

Page 3 - On the schematic, the measurements for the neck opening are for the width (shown as a straight line), not the circumference (shown as an open circle with arrows at the ends). Additionally, the last metric measurement for the neck opening should be 31.5 cm, not 21.5 cm.

Page 4 - Under Abbreviations, the first line of M1R should begin with “Make 1 Right....” and the first line of M1R-p should begin with “Make 1 Right purlwise....”.

09.01.10 Page 1 - Under Notions, the number of buttons needed has been changed to 7.