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03.28.11 Original version

Page 5 - The chart has been revised to reflect a sunburst in knit stitches on a background of purl stitches. Furthermore, a new twisted stitch symbol defined as "purl through back loop on RS, knit through back loop on WS" has been added. This replaces the twisted stitch symbol that was on the left side of the chart and the right side of each sunburst flare.


Page 5 - The chart has had a minor revision. Ssk has been added so that row 43 now reads: P15, yo, k1, ssk, yob, k1, ssk, p24.


Page 4 - Under Sides, left column, 2 rows have been rewritten so that the rib pattern is maintained.

Row 1 (RS): K2, [p2, k2] 4 times, sl next 8 sts to cn and hold to front of work, [p2, k2] twice, then [p2, k2] twice from cn.

Row 11: K2, sl next 8 sts to cn and hold to back of work, [p2, k2] twice, then [p2, k2] from cn, [p2, k2] 4 times.